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Here is a quick guide to the top 6 places you must visit on your travels to London! Your trip would be incomplete if you don't visit these places.

1. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is a must for your itinerary. The palace has been home to the British Royal Family since 1837 and comprises 775 rooms. Parts of Buckingham Palace are open for visitors to get a glimpse of the royal lifestyle. Take a stroll through the flawless garden, soak in the Royal Palace’s glory and watch the Queen’s Guards as they march along the entrance dressed in iconic red and black uniforms and bearskin hats. An opportunity to witness a historic tradition!

An essential visit for tourists to complete their trip to the city.

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2. London Eye

The iconic London Eye, Europe’s tallest Ferris Wheel, was built to celebrate the millennium. The Millennium Wheel offers tourists a tremendous view of the city. Visitors can buy tickets for one of the glass capsules that rises 443 feet above the Thames! Take in everything that the busy city has to offer from a new height in a 30-minute tour.

The London Eye is a must for tourists when exploring the city for some unforgettable 360° views.

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3. Harrods

Harrods is the world’s leading luxury department store and home to over 5000 brands. Popular among celebrities (and even the Royal Family!) Harrods provides an unforgettable shopping experience. The luxury experience is spread through multiple floors through its famed halls. Harrods also contains a food hall for a quick pit stop as you shop, offering a high-end dining experience. Explore the building for everything it has to offer and get lost in the array of luxury brands.

A great place to visit for tourists looking for an extravagant shopping experience.

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4. Oxford Circus

Oxford Street is one of London’s top spots for shopping with over 300 shops. From international designer stores to world renowned restaurants, shoppers are spoilt for choice! Oxford Street is also home to Selfridges which exhibits stunning window displays that change from season to season. A beautiful place to visit especially during the Christmas festivities when the Christmas lights illuminate the streets.

If shopping is on the list for your London getaway then Oxford street is a place to be.

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5. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of London’s largest and most famous parks. The park boasts a whole host of activities from paddle boating on the Serpentine to horse riding in the Royal Park. Visitors also have access to mesmerising rose gardens and thriving wildlife throughout the park. For travellers visiting during the Christmas period Hyde Park hosts the festive theme park, Winter Wonderland, where you can enjoy a variety of rides and festive food.

A perfect location for tourists to spend the day and enjoy everything the park has to offer. One of the top locations that is highly recommended on your visit.

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6. Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is a square filled with big screens that light up the street at night. It is one of London’s busiest commercial hubs. The heart of the West End, Piccadilly Circus flaunts the city’s marvels from London’s biggest theatres, like the Apollo Victoria Theatre, to top restaurants, like the Ritz Restaurant. A popular tourist meeting destination that is on the doorstep of the city’s top attractions.

A popular place to experience the London’s evening entertainment.

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